A revolution in
pre-cleaning technology


What does it take to be the best engine pre-cleaner in the world?

Low air restriction with high particulate removal efficiency.

PARAGON™ air pre-cleaners have been engineered to find the perfect balance between efficiency and air restriction. The results speak for themselves.

Low Air

  • reduces turbo wear
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • increases filter loading capacity
  • increases engine performance

High Particulate
Removal Efficiency

  • increases filter life
  • reduces labor costs
  • reduces downtime
  • protects filters from collapsing
    resulting in engine failure

See how the
from KAS™
soars high
above the

ISO 12103-1, A4 Test Dust, based on a feed rate of 50g/hr

Reduce Your

The PARAGON™ and its proprietary
design will reduce filter replacements,
fuel consumption, equipment
downtime and costly repairs while
reducing your carbon footprint.

100% Made in Canada & USA

with the highest quality components

North American
sourced supply chain

Owned and Operated

Labour Force

Manufactured and
Shipped from Canada

Don’t take our word for it,
hear what our customers are saying

“The team from Knaus Air Solutions brought a Paragon™ P-6 series pre-cleaner out for us to demo back in the middle of January. In some of the harshest winter conditions we’ve seen in a longtime we would be lucky to run 3 hours with the factory setup. We were facing major issues with our OEM pre-cleaners loading our filters with snow on our 150AWD plow Grader. The Paragon™ proved itself allowing us to achieve a 250 hour service interval without re-locating the intake, and upon inspecting the filter it was dry and able to head back out to work. I really look forward to having The Paragon™ protect our graders and reduce our downtime, especially while using the reclaimer over the upcoming maintenance season.”

-Willy, RM of Leroy N0.339